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problem 1)(a) Describe how you would proceed to prepare concrete of mix proportions 1:2:4 to be used in the casting of columns in a moderately-sized building.

(b) How would you ensure that:

(i) the concrete thus prepared is workable;

(ii) the concrete will achieve its desired strength with time;

(iii) there is no segregation of aggregates during placing?

problem 2)(a) What is composite construction and why is it being utilized more and more today in the construction of multi-storeyed buildings?

(b) Draw a diagram to show composite action between steel and concrete in a composite floor slab and describe how composite action is achieved.

(c) Give five advantages of using a steel deck in the construction of a composite floor slab.

problem 3)  Apart from composite construction, what are three other construction systems which are being used today in Mauritius?

a) prepare briefly on them to show differences between them.

(b) What are the advantages of each of them?

problem 4)(a) What is the purpose of a foundation and what factors determine the type of foundation to be used for building construction?

(b)Three types of foundations usually encountered in r.c.c building construction are the strip footing, the isolated column footing and the raft foundation.

(i) prepare briefly on the construction of a strip footing.

(ii) Draw a well-labelled diagram of an isolated column footing.

(iii) In which circumstances is a raft foundation chosen?

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