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A. Biotechnology cannot be used to: ___________

a. Produce large quantities of particular human proteins.
b. Produce effective and safe vaccines.
c. Identify human fetuses with particular genetic diseases.
d. Alter food plants to increase yield.
e. Alter the intelligence levels of newborn infants.

B. For these problems below, use the following list. Each selection may be used more than once and each statement may have more than one correct answer.

a. Herbicide resistant corn
b. Bt toxin producing soybean
c. Banana vaccine against pathogenic E. coli
d. Growth hormone treated cows
e. Human insulin produced by bacteria
f. Human Gene Therapy

1. ex(s) of recombinant DNA technology. ____________
2. Involve cloning of human genes. ____________
3. Agricultural application(s) of biotechnology. ____________
4. Medical application(s) of biotechnology. ____________

C. For these problems below, select the best choice for each of the following statements about DNA.

a. deoxyribose
b. Phosphate
c. double helix
d. hydrogen bonds

1. Like a spiral staircase ____________
2. Join adenine and thymine, and also guanine and cytosine. ____________
3. Watson and Crick are credited with its discovery. ____________
4. Units of the "uprights" of the DNA ladder that do NOT attach to the nitrogen bases. ____________

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