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problem 1: How does a DSU distinct from a modem?

problem 2: What is the relationship between the number of slots in a frame and the number of input lines for synchronous TDM? And also for synchronous TDM?

problem 3: A DS-0 signal has a data of 64 kbps. Where does this number come from?

problem 4: Given the following information, find out the minimum bandwidth for the path:

• FDM multiplexing.
• Five devices, each requiring 4000 Hz.
• 200- Hz guard bands for each device.

problem 5: Five signal sources are multiplexed by using synchronous TDM. Each source generates 100 characters per second. Suppose that there is byte interleaving and that each frame needs one bit for synchronization. What do you mean by frame rate? What is the bit rate on the path?

problem 6: Draw the synchronous TDM frames exhibiting the character data given the information below:

• Four signal sources.
• Source one message: TEG
• Source two message: A
• Source three message:
• Source four message: EFIL

What would be the information in each TDM frame when transmission is asynchronous and the frame size is three characters per frame?

problem 7: The T-2 line provides a 6.312 Mbps service. Why is this number not 4 × 1.544 Mbps?

problem 8: Suppose there is a small town of 500 households, each with one telephone. If every phone connection is point-to-point (a dedicated line), how many total lines are essential? How can multiplexing help?

problem 9: If a single mode optical fiber can transmit at 2 Gbps, then how many telephone channels can one cable carry?

problem 10: Compute the overhead (in bits) per voice channel for each T line. Find out the percentage of overhead per voice channel?

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