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problem 1)a) Draw neat well labelled diagram showing different types of bridge bearings.

b) Show structural arrangement of deck type and through type railway plate girder bridge. Also indicate different bracing systems.

c) In the deck plate girder railway bridge with broad gauge main line. The max B.M is 200 KNm & S.F is 2000 kN. from all forces. Design the section of plate girder at maximum B.M.

problem 2) A deck type ‘N’ truss bridge has 10 equal panels of 4m each with depth of truss 4m. The dead load & live load intensities are 24 KN/m & 40 KN/m respectively. Draw influence line diagram for members at top panel point from left end of truss. Using impact factor 0.40 design top chord section.

problem 3)a) describe stiffned, unstiffned and multiple stiffened element of light gauge element.

b) Describe concept of effective width for simply supported plate in case of small moments acting on it.

c) A hat section 100mm×80mm×4mm as lip of 25mm dimension.

Determine the allowable compressive load if it is to be used as column of 3m effective length

problem 4)a) State advantages and disadvantages of tubular sections in steel structure.

b) prepare a detailed note on design considerations as per I.S. code for tubular structure used as scafoulding.

c) Compare the hollow circular and hollow square section as thin’ thin tubular sections, for its strength with respect to use as compression member.

problem 5)a) Suggest and design beam-column welded connection for ISMB500 & ISSC200 to carry 120 KNm. B.M. & 100KN shear.

b) Sketch different lateral load resisting systems & state its applications.

problem 6)a) Find shape factor for ‘T’ section with flange width 100mm, Depth 100mm & thickness of flange & web 10mm.

b) Describe upper bound, lower bound and uniqueness theorem.

c) Analyse the beam ABC of length 5m. propped cantilever at end C & fixed at end A. The cantilever is loaded by load w at B. which is 2m from C. for AB portion the plastic moment of resistance is 2 Mp while for BC it is Mp. Find out collapse load.

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