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problem 1) Value of normalized frequency parameter (V) relates core size with mode propagation. When single mode fibers propagate only the fundamental mode, what is the value of V?

problem 2) Number of modes propagated in a multimode fiber depends on core size and numerical aperture (NA). If core size and the NA decrease, will the number of modes propagated increase or decrease?

problem 3) Modal dispersion affects bandwidth of multimode systems. It is necessary to adjust what three fiber properties to maximize system bandwidth.

problem 4) Silica (pure glass) fibers are used as of their low intrinsic material absorption at the wavelengths of operation. This wavelength of operation is between two intrinsic absorption regions. What are these two regions called? What are the wavelengths of operation for these two regions?

problem 5) Extrinsic (OH-) absorption peaks define three regions or windows of preferred operation. prepare down the three windows of operation?

problem 6) Scattering losses are caused by interaction of light with density fluctuations within a fiber. What are the two scattering mechanisms called when the size of the density fluctuations is (i) greater than and (ii) less than one-tenth of the operating wavelength?

problem 7) Which dispersion mechanism (material or waveguide) is a function of the size of the fiber's core relative to the wavelength of operation?

problem 8) Modes of the light pulse which enter the fiber at one time exit the fiber at different times. This condition causes light pulse to spread. What is this condition called?

problem 9) The mode theory uses electromagnetic wave behavior to describe the propagation of the light along the fiber. What is a set of guided electromagnetic waves called?

problem 10) Modes which are bound at one wavelength may not exist at longer wavelengths. What is the wavelength at which a mode ceases to be bound called?

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