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1) prepare down all the factors that are to be considered during designing handling equipment, with steel wire as pulling member?

2) Bucket elevator is to lift iron ore at rate of 40 m3/hr through a height of 25m. Weight density of iron ore is 2 t/m3. Sketch the bucket elevator with double chain drive and state the buckets and the motor.

3) describe with simple and suitable sketches of operating features of material handling equipments given below. prepare down the ex of a situation for which each one is used:-

(a) Bucket elevator

(b) Screw conveyor

4) Screw conveyor is used to transport cement clinker of density 3t/m3. Maximum granule size is around 25mm, length of travel is 60 Mts. Discharge rate should be 3t/m3. Suppose the helix angle of the screw as 15o. Sketch the conveyor system.

5) describe the super structure of rotary cranes with a fixed radius and point out the method of performing the force analysis on it.

6) prepare down the name of few material grabbing attachments for loose materials. With neat and suitable sketch describe any one of them.

7) Find out the braking torque for hoisting and travelling mechanism of electric overhead crane for specifications given below.

Lifting capacity                            40KN
Span                                         10m
Lifting or lowering speed             12m/min
Trolley traverse speed                 40m/min
Crane traveling speed                 90m/min

3 phase with 400 volt as power supply medium duty may be assumed.

8) prepare detailed note on the following:

(a) Design of crane hook

(b) Lifting magnets

(c) Disk brakes

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