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describe understanding the skeletal system

1. describe a place where two or more bones come together is a(n)

1) cavity.

2) joint.

3) contusion.

4) articulation.

5) joint and an articulation.

2. Define joints are classified according to the

1) bones that are united at the joint.

2) structure of the joint.

3) size of the joint.

4) shape of the joint.

5) type of fluid in the joint.

3. describe Cartilaginous joints

1) are common in the skull.

2) unite two bones by means of fibrocartilage or hyaline cartilage.

3) allow the most movement between bones.

4) are found in the lower leg.

5) are not found in the pelvic region.

4. describe Synovial joints are different from both fibrous and cartilaginous joints because synovial joints

1) use fibrous connective tissue to hold the bones in the joint together.

2) are enclosed by a joint capsule.

3) are only temporary; they are replaced in the adult.

4) generally have both bones in the joint fused together.

5) are not freely moveable.

5. describe Synovial fluid

1) is a double layer of tissue that encloses a joint.

2) is a thin lubricating film covering the surface of a joint.

3) provides a smooth surface where bones meet.

4) is a layer of tissue that is continuous with the periosteum.

5) lines the joint everywhere except over the articular cartilage.

6. describe this type of joint is multiracial allowing a wide range of movement.

1) saddle

2) hinge

3) pivot

4) plane

5) ball and socket

7. describe which of the following movements is an ex of extension?

1) bending forward at the waist

2) kneeling

3) raising your arm laterally

4) using your finger to point out an area on a map

5) shrugging your shoulders

8. describe rotating the forearm so that the palm faces posteriorly is called

1) circumduction.

2) rotation.

3) hyperextension.

4) supination.

5) pronation.

9. describe the glenoid labrum is part of the _____ joint while the acetabular labrum is part of the _____ joint.

1) elbow, knee

2) shoulder; hip

3) shoulder; knee

4) elbow; hip

5) shoulder; elbow

10. describe the medial meniscus is in the

1) neck.

2) shoulder.

3) hip.

4) knee.

5) elbow.

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