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describe understanding the respiratory system

1. describe which of the following is not a function of the respiratory system?

 1) It controls the pH of body fluids.

 2) It promotes the flow of lymph and venous blood.

 3) It helps regulate blood pressure.

 4) It assists in the synthesis of vasodilators.

 5) It helps with defecation.

2. Between its other purposes the Valsalva maneuver is used

 1) to aid in defecation and urination.

 2) as part of the procedure for giving CPR to a person in respiratory arrest.

 3) to ventilate the lungs during eupne1)

 4) to expel more than the usual tidal volume from the lungs.

 5) to clear carbon monoxide from the body and replace it with oxygen.

3. describe in a healthy person and which of the following will have the greatest influence on resistance to pulmonary airflow?

1) atmospheric pressure

2) respiratory rate

3) bronchiole diameter

4) quantity of surfactant

5) the diaphragm

4. describe which of the following is the term for a deficiency of oxygen or the inability to utilize oxygen in a tissue?

 1) apoxia

 2) hypoxia

 3) anoxia

 4) cyanosis

 5) eupnea

5. describe a lung disease marked by abnormally few but large alveoli is

1) cor pulmonale.

2) pulmonary hemosiderosis.

3) emphysem1)

4) atelectasis.

5) collapsed lung.

6. describe which of the following would slow down gas exchange between the blood and alveolar air?

1) an increase in membrane thickness

2) an increase in alveolar surface area

3) an increase in respiratory rate

4) a decrease in membrane thickness

5) a decrease in nitrogen solubility

7. describe Carbon monoxide competes with oxygen for the same binding site.

1) True

2) False

8. describe breathing is controlled solely by the medulla oblongata and pons.

1) True

 2) False

9. describe each alveolus is surrounded by a basket of blood capillaries supplied by

 1) the aort1)

 2) the pulmonary artery.

 3) the pulmonary vein.

 4) the inferior vena cav1)

 5) the superior vena cav1)

10. describe the Valsalva maneuver can assist in diagnosing a hernia by

1) increasing intrathoracic pressure.

2) increasing intraabdominal pressure.

3) increasing expiratory force.

4) reducing expiratory force.

5) increasing mediastinal pressure

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