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describe understanding the respiratory system

1. Define vital capacity consists of

1) inspiratory reserve volume + expiratory volume.

2) inspiratory reserve volume + tidal volume.

3) expiratory reserve volume + tidal volume.

4) expiratory reserve volume + tidal volume + inspiratory reserve volume.

5) respiratory volume + tidal volume

2. describe - in one passage through a bed of systemic blood capillaries and the blood gives up about what percentage of its oxygen?

1) 5% to 10%

2) 10% to 15%

3) 20% to 25%

4) 30% to 40%

 5) 70% to 85%

3. describe one benefit from air passing by the turbinate is

 1) the turbinates separate airflow from food and drink.

 2) the lower respiratory system remains humidified.

 3) the turbinates filter CO2 from the air.

 4) they increase its oxygen concentration.

 5) this is where odours are detected.

4. describe which of these is most likely to result from contact between contaminated fingers and the nasal mucosa?

 1) apnea

 2) adult respiratory distress syndrome

 3) acute bronchitis

 4) acute rhinitis

 5) asthma

5. describe Gas transport is the process of carrying gases from the alveoli to the systemic tissues and vice vers1)

 1) True

 2) False

6. describe what is the basic distinction between an alveolar duct and an alveolar atrium?

 1) their shape

 2) their size

 3) their function

 4) their epithelial type

 5) presence or absence of cilia

7. describe the amount of air in excess of tidal volume that can be inhaled with maximum effort is called

 1) vital capacity.

 2) inspiratory reserve volume.

 3) expiratory reserve volume.

 4) residual volume.

 5) inspiratory capacity.

8. describe - During exercise which of the following directly increases respiratory rate?

 1) increased H+ level in the blood

 2) the Bohr effect

 3) reduced blood pH

 4) reduced oxyhemoglobin

 5) anticipation of the needs of exercising muscle

9. Define in ___ the lungs are infected with Mycobacterium and produce fibrous nodules around the bacteria and leading to progressive pulmonary fibrosis.

 1) pneumonia

 2) dyspnea

 3) pneumothorax

 4) tuberculosis

 5) rhinitis

10. describe the vague and glossopharyngeal nerves carry afferent signals from peripheral chemoreceptors to a chemo sensitive area in

 1) the pontine respiratory group.

 2) the dorsal respiratory group.

 3) the ventral respiratory group.

 4) the medulla oblongat1)

 5) the pons

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