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describe understanding the concepts of nervous system and its functions

1. describe the nervous system

a) monitors internal and external stimuli.

b) transmits information in the form of action potentials.

c) interprets or assesses information.

d) maintains homeostasis.

e) All of these choices are correct.

2. describe dendrites

1) Are the input part of the neuron?

b) Conduct action potentials away from the cell body.

c) are generally long and unbranched.

d) form synapses with the microglia

e) contain the trigger zone.

3. describe the blood-brain barrier

a) Permits passage of foreign substances from the blood to the neurons.

b) prohibits the transport of amino acids and glucose to the neurons.

c) prohibits the removal of waste materials from the neurons.

d) protects neurons from toxic substances in the blood.

e) does not prevent fluctuations in the composition of the blood from affecting the functions of the brain.

4. describe action potentials are conducted more rapidly when transmission is

a) from node to node on a myelinated axon.

b) on a small diameter axon.

c) on an unmyelinated axon.

d) from internode to internode.

e) from internode to node on a myelinated axon.

5. describe hyperpolarization

a) K+ ions tend to diffuse out of the cell.

b) the plasma membrane's permeability to K+ decreases.

c) the resting membrane potential moves closer to zero.

d) Na+ ions enter the cell in large numbers.

e) the resting membrane potential becomes more positive.

6. A stimulus either causes an action potential or it doesn't. This is called

a) an all-or-none response.

b) a graded response.

c) a latent period response.

d) a relative refractory response.

e) a local response.

7. describe the absolute refractory period assures

a) prolonged depolarization during the action potential.

b) completion of repolarization before another action potential.

c) that no after-potential occurs.

d) reversal of the direction of propagation of the action potential.

e) that the stimulus is strong enough to elicit a response.

8. describe Neurotransmitters are released from the

a) epineurium.

b) synaptic cleft.

c) presynaptic terminal.

d) postsynaptic membrane.

e) calcium channels.

9. describe when a neurotransmitter binds to its receptor and increases the permeability of the postsynaptic membrane to sodium ions,

a) the membrane will be hyperpolarized.

b) more chloride ions will also diffuse into the cell.

c) an excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) will result.

d) the membrane will become impermeable to potassium ions.

e) the sodium ions diffuse out of the cell.

10. describe when two action potentials arrive simultaneously at two different presynaptic terminals that synapse with the same postsynaptic neuron,

a) the direction of the action potential is reversed.

b) temporal summation occurs.

c) spatial summation occurs.

d) hyperpolarization occurs.

e) threshold is never reached.

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