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describe Understanding the concepts of Cell Biology.
1. The _____ packages and stores hormone molecules.
A) ribosomes
B) Golgi apparatus
C) lysosome
D) rough endoplasmic reticulum
E) smooth endoplasmic reticulum
2. Which membrane transport process will continue on even though the cell may be alive or dead?
A) sodium potassium pump
B) pinocytosis
C) phagocytosis
D) diffusion
E) exocytosis
3. The fact that lipids move easily through cell membranes is due to
A) their size.
B) their chemical composition.
C) osmosis.
D) active transport.
4. Carrier molecules are required for
A) diffusion.
B) osmosis.
C) facilitated diffusion.
D) active transport.
E) Both A and B are true.
5. When water enters a plant cell
A) it bursts.
B) the vacuole becomes enlarged.
C) the organelles are forced against the cell wall.
D) it undergoes plasmolysis.
E) Both B and C are true.
6. Red blood cells are isotonic to 0.9% NaCl solution. A red blood cell will swell to bursting in which of the following solutions?
A) 1.8% NaCl
B) 9.00% NaCl
C) 0.9% NaCl
D) 0.09% NaCl
7. Which type of pressure is responsible for maintaining the erect position of a plant?
A) turgor pressure
B) osmotic pressure
C) diffusion pressure
D) facilitated diffusion pressure
E) negative pressure
8. The number of mitochondria in a cell would be a general indicator of the extent of
A) exocytosis.
B) diffusion.
C) osmosis.
D) active transport.
E) facilitated transport.
9. Cell replication consists of
A) DNA synthesis and DNA degradation.
B) endocytosis and exocytosis.
C) mitosis and cytokinesis.
D) cell growth and cell death.
E) apoptosis and cytophagy.
10. During interphase,
A) the cell is dead.
B) centromeres divide.
C) two nuclei split.
D) hereditary material duplicates itself.
E) the cell is at total rest

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