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describe Understanding the basics of genetics.
1. describe -A mother is a carrier for blue eyes (autosomal recessive) and for hemophilia (X-linked recessive). Which of these is a correct statement?
A) All sons will have blue eyes and be hemophiliacs.
B) It depends on the father's genotype whether the sons will have blue eyes and/or be hemophiliacs.
C) There is a linkage between eye color and hemophilia.
D) Regardless of the father, no sons will have blue eyes or be hemophiliacs.
E) The father's genotype can determine whether a son will have blue eyes but cannot determine whether a son will be a hemophiliac.
2. If a species contains 23% A in its DNA, what is the percentage of guanine it would contain?
A) 23%
B) 25%
C) 27%
D) 44%
E) 46%
3. The amount of adenine is always equal to the amount of ____ in DNA.
A) cytosine
B) thymine
C) guanine
D) uracil
4. Which of the following have nitrogenous bases correctly paired in DNA?
A) adenine-guanine; thymine-cytosine
B) adenine-uracil; guanine-cytosine
C) adenine-adenine; guanine-guanine
D) adenine-thymine; guanine-cytosine
E) adenine-cytosine; guanine-thymine
5. A nucleotide contains
A) DNA and RNA.
B) complementary purines and pyrimidines .
C) a sugar, phosphate, and a nitrogenous base.
D) RNA, protein, and lipids.
E) a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogen atom.
6. The function of transfer RNA is to
A) turn DNA on and off.
B) transfer nucleotides to the nucleus.
C) transmit coded information to the cytoplasm.
D) carry amino acids to ribosomes.
E) act as the site for protein synthesis.
7. Prior to protein synthesis, the DNA
A) attracts tRNAs with appropriate amino acids.
B) adheres to ribosomes for protein synthesis.
C) serves as a template for the production of mRNA.
D) contains anticodons that become codons.
E) must first undergo replication.
8. The genetic code consists of ____ bases that stand for one amino acid.
A) 20
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2
E) 1
9. If one strand of DNA has the base sequence AAGCAA, the complementary DNA strand has which of the following sequences?
10. Gene mutations are
A) always deleterious.
B) always beneficial.
C) radiation induced changes only.
D) alterations in the normal sequence of bases within a gene.
E) alterations in the normal sequence of bases outside a gene.

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