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describe understanding the anatomy and physiology of digestive system.

1. describe Defecation is stimulated by

 1) the chemical composition of the feces.

 2) bacterial flora in the feces.

 3) water content of the feces.

 4) lipid content in the feces.

 5) stretching of the rectum.

2. describe The liver is the body's largest gland.

 1) True

 2) False

3. The ______________ of the small intestine is/are similar to the _________________ of the stomach.

 1) villi; pyloric glands

 2) rugae; Peyer patches

 3) intestinal crypts; gastric pits

 4) goblet cells; parietal cells

 5) pyloric sphincter; ileocecal valve

4. Infants have ________________ deciduous teeth, whereas adults have ________________ permanent teeth.

 1) 20; 32

 2) 16; 20

 3) 28; 20

 4) 32; 20

 5) 32; 32

5. describe the migrating motor complex

 1) milks the chyme toward the colon.

 2) allows a bolus to move down the esophagus.

 3) churns and mixes residue in the descending colon.

 4) churns and mixes a bolus with gastric juices.

 5) propels pancreatic juice down the pancreatic duct.

6. describe odor, sight, and taste stimulate salivatory nuclei in the cerebral cortex.

 1) True

 2) False

7. describe the enteric nervous system regulates much of the digestive activity but its action depends on the central nervous system.

 1) True

 2) False

8. describe the enterogastric reflex serves to

 1) relax the stomach in preparation for swallowed food.

 2) stimulate acid and enzyme secretion when food enters the stomach.

 3) stimulate intestinal motility when there is food in the stomach.

 4) inhibit gastric motility when there is chyme in the small intestine.

 5) relax the ileocecal valve when chyme is on its way to the colon.

9. describe The small intestine begins with the duodenum, which is its longest segment.

 1) True

 2) False

10. describe the small intestine is suspended from the abdominal wall by

 1) the falciform ligament.

 2) the mesentery.

 3) the greater omentum.

 4) the lesser omentum.

 5) the esophageal hiatus

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