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describe understanding some of the processes of the human body.

1. For the reason that of the great deal of active transport that occurs here the _________ of all the nephrons collectively account for about 6% of one's daily resting ATP and caloric consumption.
1) proximal convoluted tubules
2) distal convoluted tubules
3) loops of Henle
4) collecting ducts
5) glomeruli
2. describe normal urine from a healthy person can be expected to contain all of the following except
1) creatinine
2) urobilin
3) glucose
4) ammonia
5) magnesium
3. describe PCTs are responsible for reabsorbing all of the following except
1) potassium.
2) sodium chloride.
3) hydrogen ions.
4) ure1)
5) water.
4. describe the overall purpose of the countercurrent exchange system is
1) to supply salt and urea to the renal medull1)
2) to supply nutrients and oxygen to the renal cortex.
3) to supply nutrients and oxygen to the renal medull1)
4) to remove metabolic wastes from the renal cortex.
5) to remove metabolic wastes from the renal medull1)
5. describe a single lobe of a kidney is comprised of
1) two calyces and a renal pelvis.
2) one pyramid and the overlying cortex.
3) one major calyx and all of its minor calyces.
4) a renal medulla and two renal columns.
5) one collecting duct and all nephrons that drain into it.
6. describe ethyl (drinking) alcohol stimulates the secretion of ADH, thereby reducing reabsorption by the collecting duct.
1) True
2) False
7. describe the thick segment of the nephron loop is impermeable to water.
1) True
2) False
8. describe which of these form the inner layer of the glomerular capsule and wrap around the capillaries of the glomerulus?
1) macula densa cells
2) mesangial cells
3) nephrocytes
4) podocytes
5) monocytes
9. describe assuming all other values are normal, find out the net filtration pressure in a patient with a drop in capsular hydrostatic pressure to 8 mmHg.
1) 10 mm Hg out
2) 20 mm Hg out
3) 30 mm Hg out
4) 40 mm Hg out
5) 50 mm Hg out
10. describe in response to a drop in overall blood pressure ___ stimulates constriction of the glomerular inlet and even greater constriction of the outlet.
1) azotemia
2) sodium chloride
3) parathyroid hormone
4) aldosterone
5) angiotensin II

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