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1) Describe the foot operated air pump mechanism?

2) describe the working of Ackerman’s steering gear mechanism with appropriate diagram?

3) describe the working of scotch yoke mechanism with suitable diagram?

4) prepare differences between machine and the structure?

5) prepare some of the differences between the completely constrained and successfully constrained motion?

6) For flat belt, prove that T1/T2=e µ?

Where, T1= tension in tight side of the belt.

T2= tension in slack side of the belt.

µ=coefficient of friction between belt and pulley.

?=angle of lap.

7) Describe the mechanism of slip and creep within the belt drive?

8) prepare down the difference between the flat belt drive and the V-belt drive?

9) An open belt drive 10 cm wide joins two pulleys that are mounted upon the parallel shafts 2.5m apart. The diameter of driving pulley is 40cm and that of follower is 25cm, if the permissible pull in belt is limited to 180N/cm width of belt. Determine the power that can be transmitted when driving pulley is rotating at 150rpm. Consider µ=0.3 for belt and pulley surface.

10) The maximum allowable tension within the flat belt is 1500N the angle of lap is 1700and µ =0.27 neglect effect of centrifugal tension. Determine the net driving tension and power transmitted if the belt speed is 2m/s.

11) describe why roller follower is preferred to that of the knife edged follower?

12) describe various types of followers and draw suitable diagram?

13) describe the cam terminology in detail with diagram?

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