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Answer thew following problems.

problem 1) describe the principle and character where of dispersion shifted fibers.

problem 2) describe the working and features of tunable semiconductor lasers.

problem 3) An optical transmission system is constrained to have 500 GHz channel spacing. How many wavelength channels can be utilized in the 1536-to- 1556nm spectral band?

problem 4) What do you mean by code division multiplexing? How it is related do wavelength division multiplexing.

problem 5) Draw the encoder logic for an NRZ-to-optical Manchester converter. Also compare various types of digital formats.

problem 6) describe the different types of LED structures with appropriate diagrams in detail and also compare them.

problem 7) prepare brief notes on the following:-

a) Source-Fiber Coupling.

b) Dispersive Pulse Broadening

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