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1) describe the term Specific weight, specific mass and specific volume.

2) describe how fluids are classified?

3) The dynamic viscosity of the liquid is 0.18 centipoise, however its kinematic viscosity is 12 centistoke. Determine the density of liquid and specific gravity of the liquid.

4) describe the term guage and the absolute pressure.

5) describe the depth of oil of specific gravity 0.9 will generate the pressure intensity of 880 KPa.

6) Describe the Bourdon Guage with labelled diagram.

7) Describe the total pressure and center of the pressure.

8) describe-

a) Steady and Unsteady flow

b) Rotational and Irrotational flow.

9) describe the continuity equation.

10) A circular plate of 1.20m diameter is kept vertically in water so that the center of the plate is 2m under the free surface. Find the total pressure and depth of the center of pressure.

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