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problem 1: describe the principles of operation of the given sequential logic devices:

a) D-type flip-flop
b) J-K flip-flop

describe your answer by giving the combinational logic equivalent circuit of every device, the function (truth) table and the input, clock and output digital waveform.

problem 2: Define and describe in detail the given operating characteristics of flip-flops and support your answers with exs of waveforms of the input and output digital signals:

a) Propagation Delay Time
b) Step-up time
c) Hold time

Support your answers with datasheets.

problem 3: By using three JK flip flops and a digital clock, design a frequency divider digital circuit. Draw the output waveforms when an 800Hz signal of the output of the clock is applied to the clock input of the 1st flip flop. Describe the operation of the circuit.

problem 4: Find out the output waveform in relation to the clock for QA, QB and QC in the given circuit and show the binary sequence represented by such waveforms. Describe the output of the circuit.

1479_flip flop.jpg

problem 5: Build and test the operation of the sequential circuit in problem 4. describe the results of your testing with photographs taken throughout the experiment. Describe the outcomes of testing the circuit.

problem 6: By using a computer software package, simulate the sequential circuits constructed and tested in problem 5. Give screenshots for the schematic diagram and possible output signals of the circuit. Compare the simulated waveforms with such obtained practically.

problem 7: Design a 2-bit digital comparator system which compares two numbers in binary form and produces a one or a zero at its outputs depending on whether they are similar or not:

a) Describe the design steps and the operation of the system.
b) Give a block diagram and a circuit diagram of the entire system.
c) Give the truth table and the output functions of the system.

problem 8: By using a computer software package, simulate the digital system designed in problem 7.

a) Give screenshots for all the possible inputs and outputs of the circuit simulated by using the computer software.

b) Test the operation of all the gates of digital system and assess the operation of the system against the design criteria given in problem 7.

c) Describe the method of simulation and comment on the simulation results. Describe the benefits of using the computer simulation.

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