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problem 1:

a) describe the operation of RC phase shift oscillator using op-amp and derive the expression for frequency of oscillations.

b) Design the wien bridge oscillator circuit to have output frequency of 10 KHz.
problem 2:

a) Draw the circuit diagram of a triangular wave generator using a comparator and integrator. describe its operation by referring to the output waveform.

b) Design an RC phase shift oscillator for 300 Hz frequency using IC 741 and ±15 volt power supplies. Suppose necessary component values. Suggest a method to reduce the output voltage swing to ±6:5 volts
problem 3:

a) describe the frequency responses of all types of filters.

b) Figure below shows the first order Butterworth LPF that uses RC network, find out the gain if the filter is a function of frequency. Give gain magnitude and phase angle equations.

1759_Butterworth LPF.jpg

problem 4:

a) Draw the basic circuit of wien bridge oscillator and describe its operation. Also derive the expression for frequency of oscillation.

b) Design a second order low pass filter at a higher cut off frequency of 2KHz.
problem 5:

a) Derive the expression for frequency of VCO and list important specifications of 566 VCO IC.

b) Define the conditions on the feedback circuit of an amplifier to convert it in to an oscillator.
problem 6:

a) Design a I order wide band-reject having fH = 200 Hz and fL = 1 kHz, having the pass band gain of 2 each. Assume necessary data.

b) Draw the first order low-pass Butterworth filter and analyze the same by deriving the gain and phase angle equation.

problem 7:

a) prepare short notes on the operation of Quadrature oscillator.

b) In the figure given below if the integrator components are R1 = 120 K Ω and C1 = 0.01µF, R3= 6.8 KΩ, R2 = 1.2 KΩ, determine

  • Peak-to-peak triangular output amplitude.
  • The frequency of triangular wave.

238_frequency of triangular wave.jpg

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