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Answer the following problems

problem 1) Give detailed account on pearl oyster culture.

problem 2) prepare an essay on in duced breeding in fishes.

problem 3) prepare a notes on what are the reasons for depletion of wild life

problem 4) Give an account musk deer conservation Project.

problem 5) Discuss the impacts of eutrophication on aquatic system.

problem 6) Give detailed account on the steps involved in waste water treatment

problem 7) Critically comment on pesticides and their mode of action with suitable ex.

problem 8) Comment on statutory provisions and safety regulations.

problem 9) prepare in brief about the sericigenous insects.

problem10) Discuss important aspects of economic importance of honey bees and add a note on their role in crop yield.

problem 11) prepare an essay on pests and predators of silk and silkworm.

problem 12) Comment on the origin and establishment of sericulture in India.

problem 13) Elucidate in detail the Operon concept.

problem 14) Describe the co and post transcriptional modification of proteins.

problem 15) describe the mechanism transcription in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

problem 16) What is polymerase chain reaction? describe its uses in the field of biotechnology.

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