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1) Describe the format of SCON of SFR.

2) describe the format of PCON and describe how the Baud rate is doubled in the 8051.

3) Describe the format of TCON registers and describe with the help of diagram.

4) Describe the term synchronous, asynchronous transmission and also define simplex, half duplex and full duplex.

5) describe the Asynchronous Serial Communication data formatting by using the suitable diagram or waveform.

6) prepare down the differences between the I2C and CAN with respect to the:

a) Bit Addressing

b) Data transfer rate

c) Field length

d) Bit format

7) prepare down the programme to move the message ‘MSBTE’ serially at the 9600 BAUD RATE continuously.

8) describe any 6 characteristics of ARM 7 processor 21.With XTAL=11.0592 MHZ, determine the TH1 (decimal and hex) value required to have the following BAUD RATE.

a) 9600

b) 2400

c) 1200

9) Program the 8051 to receive the bytes of data serially and put them in P1 Set BAUD RATE at 4800.

10) Specify the SERIAL bus communication and PARALLEL bus communication Protocols.

11) Specify the highest speed in both the type of protocols.

12) Describe the function of SBUF Register.

13) describe the RS232 DB9 Connector with the help of diagram .describe the function of each and every pin. 

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