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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) prepare down the characteristics of C#.

problem 2) Describe how are we adding comments by using suitable exs.

problem 3) describe the use of # pragma directive describe with suitable ex.

problem 4) Describe the compile time error.

problem 5) What are special and bitwise operator.

problem 6) How we can prepare mathematical function C#.

problem 7) describe the function of sizeoff operator.

problem 8) prepare down the advantage of nesting in methods.

problem 9) How does the for-each loop differ from other loops.

problem 10) Describe the structures used in C#.

problem 11) describe the definition of nesting of classes.

problem 12) How we can implement interfaces?

problem 13) Define a subclass and visibility control.

problem 14) prepare about comparison overloaded operator.

problem 15) Describe general catch handler.

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