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problem 1) Which one of the following statements about adrenaline is right?

(a) It increases heart rate and increases release of glucose from the liver.

(b) It increases heart rate and reduces release of glucose from the liver. 

(c) It reduces heart rate and increases release of glucose from the liver.

(d) It reduces heart rate and reduces release of glucose from the liver.

problem 2) List the two hormones produced by the pancreas and say (a) in what circumstances,

(b) in what way, they adjust glucose concentration in the blood.

problem 3) prepare down the name the hormones produced by (a) the testes, (b) the ovaries.

problem 4)(a) Name the condition and

(b) describe the effects of the failure of the pancreas to produce sufficient-insulin.

(c) How is this condition treated? .

problem 5) The pituitary gland produces several hormones, including ADH, FSH, LH and TSH. Give the full name of each of these hormones and say briefly what each one does.

problem 6) Which of the following are not considered to be necessary components of a healthy diet?

sugar, salt, protein, butter, vitamins, alcohol, green vegetables

problem 7) For which one of the following is there not strong evidence for the beneficial effects of exercise?

more efficient muscular contraction, improved stamina, prevention of heart attack, stronger muscles, avoidance of obesity, feeling of well-being

problem 8) Which of the following diseases are not associated with smoking?

emphysema, hay fever, diabetes, lung cancer, bronchitis, stomach ulcers, bladder cancer, arterial disease, tuberculosis, coronary thrombosis

problem 9)(a) Match the following descriptions to the terms (i) ‘drug tolerance', (ii)  ‘drug dependence' :

A - If the drug is not taken, there are physical withdrawal symptoms.
B - A steadily increasing dose of the drug is needed to achieve an acceptable effect.

(b) Which of these conditions is also known as ‘addiction’?

problem 10) Name two stimulant drugs and state the undesirable side-effects of each.

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