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1) describe some of the factors that are to be considered while going for the automation? describe them briefly.

2) describe what is meant by the low cost automation? describe its merits and what are its limitations? Describe briefly any 2 industrial applications of the low cost automation.

3) describe the different types of the Gear pumps and describe the working of the external gear, with neat sketches.

4) describe the different types of the compressors and describe the construction details of the double acting cylinder, with the neat sketch,.

5) Describe the working principle of any two types of the check values, with neat diagram.

6) describe the following components with the help of neat diagram:

a) Servo values

b) Rotary valves

7) Sketch the circuit diagram of the hydraulic lift and describe its working principle. describe the several elements needed for the above system.

8) Draw the following hydraulic circuit diagram and describe their components and functions.

a) Illustrate the function performed by the servo system

b) Discuss the function carried out by the servo system

9) Describe the following pneumatic controllers:

a) Proportional only controller

b) Proportional plus integral (P + I) controller

10) prepare down the explanation on the following with respect to their working principle and applications in brief:

a) Sequencing control of pneumatic cylinders

b) Fluid Logic Circuit

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