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1) a) Suppose the register B holds 93H and the accumulator holds 15H. Illustrate the results of the instructions ORA B and CMA.

b) Describe the addressing modes of 8085 with the help of an ex.

2) a) prepare down an assembly language program, that checks to see if the number is even number or odd and if it is odd returns ‘0’ in B reg. else returns a ‘1’.

b) describe the different memory mapping schemes? Provide any one benefit and drawbacks for each.

3) Sketch the circuit diagram displaying the interfacing of a DAC with any one microprocessor and create the assembly language program to produce a triangular wave form at the output of DAC.

4) Describe the operation of USART with a neat diagram.

5)  Sketch the hardware circuit needed for interfacing the four phase stepper motor to a micro processor. Provide the flowchart of the software driving it in the clockwise and anticlockwise.

6) Describe the seven-segment display interface with microprocessor.

7) Develop an 8086 based system with the following specification:

a) 8086 in min. mode

b) 64 kb EPROM with the starting address F 0000H

c) 64 kb RAM with the starting address 30000 H.

Sketch the complete schematic of design indicating address map.

8) Describe the string instruction of 8086.prepare down the program by using the 8086 assembly language to move N number of bytes from the location starting at ‘OLDLOC’ to the location starting at ‘NEWLOC’.

9) a) describe how memory management is done through descriptors in 80386.

b) describe the advanced design feature in Intel Pentium processor when compared with the 80486 processor in brief.

10) describe the timing diagram of an interleaved memory system showing the access times and addressing signals for both sections of memory with the help of diagram.

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