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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature
1. describe which of the following are true of the axial musculature?
1) It arises elsewhere, but inserts on the axial skeleton.
2) It makes up 40 percent of the body musculature.
3) It arises and inserts on the axial skeleton.
4) It arises, but does not insert, on the axial skeleton.
5) It stabilizes the pectoral and pelvic girdles.
2. describe which of the following is the major action of the neck musculature?
1) moving the rib cage.
2) stabilizing the pectoral girdle to allow more precise forelimb movements.
3) positioning the spinal column.
4) positioning the head.
5) none of the above.
3. describe axial muscles fall into logical groups based upon
2) function.
3) muscle structure.
4) A and B.
5) none of the above.
4. describe muscles of the head and neck that are innervated by the facial nerve are associated with
1) actions that form facial expressions.
2) actions that orient the eyes.
3) those that govern verbal communication.
4) those that govern feeding.
5) none of the above.
5. describe the muscular partition that separates the abdominopelvic and thoracic cavities is the
1) rectus abdominis.
2) transversus abdominis.
3) masseter.
4) diaphragm.
5) perineum.
6. describe the oblique and rectus muscles do which of the following?
1) form the walls of the thoracic cavity.
2) occur in the neck.
3) provide walls for the abdominal cavity.
4) help to position the vertebral column.
5) all of the above.
7. describe which of the following is a spinal extensor?
1) longus capitis
2) quadratus lumborum
3) longus cervicis
4) iliocostalis lumborum
5) longus colli
8. describe Nodding of the head as a person falls asleep sitting up involves primarily the muscles of (th5)
1) cervicis and thoracis regions.
2) cervicis region only.
3) capitis and cervicis regions.
4) upper limb and pectoral girdle.
5) none of the above.
9. describe how do the extrinsic eye muscles differ in action from the intrinsic eye muscles?
1) The two muscle groups do not differ in movement types, only in when the movements occur.
2) Extrinsic eye muscles move the eyeball in relation to the rest of the body, whereas intrinsic muscles move structures within the eyeball.
3) The extrinsic muscles cause faster movements than do the intrinsic muscles.
4) The extrinsic eye muscles cannot produce the smooth movements of the intrinsic eye muscles.
5) None of the above describe the differences.
10. describe which of the following features are common to the muscles of mastication?
1) They allow a person to smile.
2) They share an oculomotor nerve innervation.
3) They move the mandible at the temporomandibular joint.
4) They are considered among the muscles of facial expression.
5) A and C are true.

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