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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature
1. describe which of the following is the most anterior and lateral muscle of the urogenital triangle?
1) coccygeus
2) external urethral sphincter
3) bulbospongiosus
4) ischiocavernosus
5) perineus group
2) describe which muscles permit a person to curl the tongue into a roll along its long axis?
1) extrinsic tongue muscles
2) genioglossus muscle
3) hyoglossus muscle
4) styloglossus muscle
5) none of the above
3) describe which of the following muscles is the most massive muscle involved in the process of chewing or manipulating food in the mouth?
1) omohyoid
2) hyoglossus
3) pterygoid
4) temporalis
5) masseter
4) describe which of the following is the most posterior group of axial muscles?
1) muscles of the shoulder girdle
2) muscles of the head and neck
3) muscles of the pelvic floor
4) muscles of the vertebral column
5) oblique and rectus muscles
5) describe Orbicularis oris, orbicularis oculi, and platysma are part of the group of muscles known as muscles of
1) mastication.
2) the tongue.
3) facial expression.
4) the pharynx.
5) ocular region.
6) describe which of the following muscles is involved in frowning?
1) masseter
2) zygomaticus major
3) depressor anguli oris
4) risorius
5) frontalis
7. describe the trigeminal nerve controls which group of muscles?
1) muscles of mastication
2) muscles of the tongue
3) muscles of the pharynx
4) muscles of facial expression
5) muscles of the eye
8) describe which cranial nerve controls swallowing?
1) IV
2) V
3) VII
4) III
5) X
9) describe which of the following muscles attach to the temporal bone?
1) mylohyoid.
2) geniohyoid.
3) stylohyoid.
4) styloglossus.
5) C and D both attach to the temporal bone.
10) describe which muscle has three attachments to bone?
1) sternocleidomastoid
2) thyrohyoid
3) sternohyoid
4) stylohyoid
5) mylohyoid

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