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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature
1. describe the muscles that originate on the ischium and sacrum are
1) adductors of the thigh.
2) abductors of the thigh.
3) medial rotators of the thigh.
4) lateral rotators of the thigh.
5) none of the above.
2. describe the ________ nerve controls the extensors of the knee.
1) deep fibular
2) tibial
3) femoral
4) sciatic
5) peroneal
3) describe the muscles that originate on the anterior surface of the pubic bone are
1) adductors of the thigh.
2) flexors of the thigh.
3) extensors of the thigh.
4) medial rotators of the thigh.
5) none of the above.
4. describe Biceps femoris and semitendinosus and semimembranosus are all in the
1) anterior compartment of the leg.
2) anterior compartment of the thigh.
3) posterior compartment of the leg.
4) posterior compartment of the thigh.
5) lateral compartment of the thigh.
5. describe Muscle groups found along the anterior and lateral surfaces of the leg act primarily to
1) abduct the leg.
2) flex the leg.
3) extend the leg.
4) adduct the leg.
5) do none of the above.
6. describe the smallest muscle of the sural region is the ________ muscle.
1) gastrocnemius
2) plantaris
3) soleus
4) tibialis posterior
5) flexor hallucis longus
7. describe the only muscle that acts as a flexor of the knee and originates on the iliac spine is the
1) biceps femoris.
2) sartorius.
3) semimembranosus.
4) semitendinosus.
5) popliteus.
8. describe the muscle that looks like a fish is the
1) semitendinosus.
2) soleus.
3) sartorius.
4) gastrocnemius.
5) popliteus.
9. describe which of the following muscles are extensors of the leg?
1) rectus femoris
2) vastus lateralis
3) vastus intermedius
4) vastus medialis
5) all of the above
10. describe the nerve in the lower limb controlling posterior muscles is the ________ nerve, and it most closely resembles the radial nerve in the upper limb.
1) femoral
2) fibular
3) deep fibular
4) tibial
5) udendal

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