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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature

1. describe the muscles of the quadriceps femoris group insert on (th5)

1) tibial tuberosity. 

2) femoral condyles. 

3) anterior inferior iliac spine. 

4) head of the fibul1) 

5) none of the above. 

2. describe the ________ muscle is the most active muscle of the pectoral girdle because it can move the scapula in nearly any direction.

1) levator scapulae 

2) trapezius 

3) latissimus dorsi 

4) eltoid 

5) rhomboid major 

3. describe actions of the biceps brachii muscle include

1) supination of the forearm. 

2) flexion of the shoulder. 

3) flexion of the elbow. 

4) all of the above. 

5) A and B only. 

4. describe muscles that flex the elbow are innervated by (th5)

1) ulnar nerve. 

2) musculocutaneous nerve. 

3) radial nerve. 

4) axillary nerve. 

5) both B and C. 

5. describe the primary flexors of the wrist include which of the following muscles?

1) flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor carpi radialis, and palmaris longus 

2) supinator and brachioradialis 

3) brachialis and palmaris longus 

4) both A and C 

5) none of the above 

6. describe the ________ muscle attaches to the radial tuberosity.

1) biceps brachii 

2) supinator 

3) brachioradialis 

4) anconeus 

5) none of the above 

7. describe of the muscles that move the forearm and the hand,

1) all originate on the forearm. 

2) all originate on the humerus. 

3) some originate on the scapul1) 

4) none originates on the forearm. 

5) none of the above apply. 

8. describe triceps brachii is assisted in extension of the elbow by the synergistic muscle

1) brachialis. 

2) extensor digitorum. 

3) extensor olecranis. 

4) anconeus. 

5) pronator teres. 

9. describe the forearm muscles that provide strength and gross control of the hand and fingers are (th5)

1) intrinsic muscles of the hand. 

2) carpal tunnel muscles of the hand. 

3) extrinsic muscles of the hand. 

4) flexors of the hand. 

5) none of the above. 

10. describe all extensor muscles of the upper limb are innervated by the ________ nerve or a branch of that nerve.

1) axillary 

2) ulnar 

3) median 

4) radial 

5) musculocutaneous

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