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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature

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1. describe movements made by the thumb include

1) flexion and extension. 

2) abduction and adduction. 

3) flexion, extension, and opposition. 

4) flexion, extension, and rotation. 

5) both B and C. 

2. describe the origins of the extrinsic muscles of the hand are the 

1) ulna and radius. 

2) scapula and humerus. 

3) humerus, radius, and uln1) 

4) carpals and metacarpals. 

5) flexor retinaculum. 

3) describe muscles that originate on the hamate bone include (th5)

1) palmaris brevis and adductor pollicis. 

2) palmar interossei. 

3) opponens pollicis and adductor digiti minimi. 

4) flexor digiti minimi brevis and opponens digiti minimi. 

5) none of the above. 

4. describe which group of muscles can bring the thighs together, causing the knees to touch?

1) adductors 

2) quadriceps femoris 

3) lateral rotators 

4) abductors 

5) hamstrings 

5. describe muscles in which of the following groups originate on the pelvis?

1) muscles that move the foot and toes. 

2) muscles that move the ankle. 

3) muscles that move the thigh. 

4) B and C only. 

5) all of these groups include muscles that originate on the pelvis 

6. describe what is the longest muscle in the body?

1) sartorius 

2) adductor longus 

3) adductor magnus 

4) longissimus thoracis 

5) rectus femoris 

7. describe the function of the iliotibial tract is to

1) assist in extension of the thigh. 

2) brace the knee laterally, especially when a person stands on one foot. 

3) stabilize the posterior aspect of the gluteus maximus. 

4) assist in medial rotation of the thigh and flexion of the knee. 

5) do all of the above. 

8. describe which of the following muscles rotates the femur medially?

1) quadratus femoris 

2) piriformis 

3) pectineus 

4) obturator internus 

5) gemelli 

9. describe the ________ muscle covers most of the surface area of the upper back.

1) teres major 

2) infraspinatus 

3) rhomboid 

4) trapezius 

5) none of the above 

10. describe the muscles that form the rotator cuff include the

1) biceps brachii and deltoid. 

2) subclavius, deltoid, and pectoralis minor. 

3) teres minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and subscapularis. 

4) pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and subscapularis. 

5) supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoid, and teres major

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