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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature

1. describe the origin of the deltoid is (th5)

1) clavicle. 

2) scapul1) 

3) humerus. 

4) vertebral column. 

5) both A and B. 

2. describe the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles are both innervated by (th5)

1) suprascapular nerve. 

2) musculocutaneous nerve. 

3) axillary nerve. 

4) thoracodorsal nerve. 

5) none of the above. 

3. describe the muscle just superior to the spine of the scapula that is part of the rotator cuff is the

1) infraspinatus. 

2) teres minor. 

3) supraspinatus. 

4) coracobrachialis. 

5) subscapularis. 

4. describe the muscles of the arm (brachium) are divided into which of the following compartments?

1) pronator and supinator 

2) medial and lateral 

3) superior and inferior 

4) interior and posterior 

5) proximal and distal 

5. describe Extensors of the elbow include (th5)

1) triceps brachii and anconeus. 

2) deltoid and supinator. 

3) coracobrachialis and brachioradialis. 

4) brachioradialis and brachialis. 

5) none of the above. 

6. describe which of the following muscles belongs to the group known as "hamstrings"?

1) semimembranosus 

2) semitendinosus 

3) biceps femoris 

4) all of the above 

5) none of the above 

7. describe the action of the rhomboideus major muscle is to

1) depress and protract the shoulder. 

2) adduct and rotate the scapula downward. 

3) abduct the scapul1) 

4) elevate the scapul1) 

5) do all of the above. 

8. describe which muscle originates on the transverse processes of cervical vertebrae?

1) rhomboid major 

2) serratus anterior 

3) trapezius 

4) levator scapulae 

5) rhomboid minor 

9. describe the subclavius muscle

1) elevates the scapul1) 

2) originates from the first three ribs. 

3) is innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve. 

4) inserts on the clavicle. 

5) does all of the above. 

10. describe the rhomboid muscles are innervated by (th5)

1) dorsal scapular nerve. 

2) cervical nerves. 

3) accessory nerve. 

4) long thoracic nerve. 

5) none of the above

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