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describe studying the arrangement and function of muscles i.e. musculature

1. describe - At the start of abduction of the arm, the deltoid muscle is assisted by (th5)

1) subclavius 

2) supraspinatus. 

3) coracobrachialis. 

4) biceps brachii. 

5) A and C. 

2) describe which of the following applies to the appendicular musculature? It

1) controls the bowels. 

2) is involuntary. 

3) stabilizes the vertebral column. 

4) comprises approximately 40 percent of the body's skeletal muscles. 

5) is the primary factor in positioning the head. 

3. describe the powerful flexors of the thigh are the

1) adductors. 

2) iliopsoas. 

3) obturators.  

4) piriformis. 

5) pectineus. 

4. describe the major groups of appendicular muscles include those of (th5)

1) posterior cervical region. 

2) vertebral column. 

3) shoulder and upper limb region. 

4) pelvic girdle and lower limbs. 

5) both C and D. 

5. describe Knee extensors known as the quadriceps femoris include the

1) biceps femoris, gracilis, and sartorius. 

2) popliteus, iliopsoas, and gracilis. 

3) gastrocnemius, tibialis, and fibularis. 

4) hamstrings and adductors. 

5) three vastus muscles and the rectus femoris. 

6. describe muscles associated with the upper limb and pectoral girdle belong to which of the following groups?

1) muscles that position the pectoral girdle 

2) muscles that move the forearm and wrist 

3) muscles that move the hand and fingers 

4) muscles that move the arm 

5) all of the above 


7. Define the muscular system is divided into axial and appendicular divisions. The other system that is similarly divided is the ________ system.

1) Suprahyoid

2) Two bellies

3) 60

4) Skeletal

5) Extrinsic tongue

8. describe roughly ________ percent of the skeletal muscles are axial muscles.

1) Suprahyoid

2) Two bellies

3) 60

4) Skeletal

5) Extrinsic tongue

9) describe the ________ muscles and which act in various combinations to help produce the delicate movements involved in speech as well as to manipulate food all have names ending in -glossus

 1) Suprahyoid

2) Two bellies

3) 60

4) Skeletal

5) Extrinsic tongue

10. describe a group of muscles that would be stretched when the hyoid is depressed are the ________ muscles.

1) Suprahyoid

2) Two bellies

3) 60

4) Skeletal

5) Extrinsic tongue

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