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Section A - Descriptive problems

problem1)a) Define food science and technology and discuss its scope in the context of dietetics and food service management.

b) Briefly describe the functional role of sugars in food industry.

problem2)a) Discuss functional application of modification starches.

b) What is soy protein concentrates? describe their applications in the food industry.

problem3)a) Give the functional role of minerals in the food industry.

b) Briefly describe the engyme utilization and application of enzymatic analysis in food industry.

problem4)a) Define the term pigment and discuss the natural colours used in foods.

b) Briefly discuss the properties of colloidal system.

problem5)a) Enlist the methods where thermal processing is applied? Discuss briefly anyone of them.

b) Describe the term drying. Discuss the changes which occus during drying.

problem6)a) Why do we dry a food? Briefly discuss sun and solar drying.

b) Briefly discuss freezing of food by contact with cooled gas.

problem7) List the changes in the following foods during processing:

i) Spinach

ii) Milk and milk products

iii) Meat

iv) Fish

problem8)a) describe principles and importance of food preservation.

b) Describe the process and importance of sterilization and canning.

problem9)a) What are fermented foods? How are they prepared? Describe giving brief exs.

b) Present a brief review on traditional methods of food processing used today.

problem10)a) What do you understand by product development.

b) describe the role and process of sensory evaluation in the product development process.

Section B - OTQ (Objective Type problems)

problem1) Describe the following in 2-3 sentences each:

i) Invert sugar

ii) 12 D Process

iii) Microbial polysaccharides

iv) Tyndall effect

v) Minimally processed fresh foods

vi) Hydration properties of protein

vii) Rheology

viii) Cold-shortening

ix) Whey protein concentrates

x) Hedonic rating

2) Fill in the blanks:

i) the enzyme from the papaya fruit.

ii) ..................... is a natural colourant in plant foods.

iii) used in the vitamin fortification of flour.

iv) A colloidal system in which solid panicles are dispersed in a liquid is referred to as a .........................

v) Foam stability could be determined by................... and ..................

vi) Changes occurring in egg-white are due to presence of...................... in it.

vii) Freezing temperatures range from ...............................

viii) a synthetic antioxidant.

ix) Function of mould in food fermentations is synthesis of ......................

x) resistance to flow of a liquid

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