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1)(a) What do you understand by ‘Miller indices’?

(b) Describe the procedure for finding ‘Miller Indices’.

(c) prepare down the significant features of ‘Miller indices’.

2) describe ‘Gibbs Phase rule’. What is its significance? How are equilibrium diagrams categorized?

3) Design the Iron-Carbon Equilibrium Diagram’ and describe it.

4)(a) prepare down the physical and mechanical properties of Aluminium

(b) prepare down the typical alloys of copper used in engineering?

5) prepare down the different Heat-Treatment processes and describe any two of them briefly.

6) describe the following processes of surface hardening in detail.

(a) Nitriding (b) Flame hardening

7) Describe the procedures of manufacturing parts by powder metallurgy.

8)(a) prepare down the advantages and limitations of powder metallurgy.

(b) What do you mean by self lubricant bearing?

9) What is meant by a fatigue failure? How is a fatigue test performed?

10) What is meant by creep? Design a typical creep curve and describe various stages of creep.

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