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describe learning the basics of botany.

1. describe Molds and mushrooms belong to the kingdom

A) Archaea.

B) Protists.

C) Fungi.

D) Plantae.

E) Animalia.

2. describe which of the following is NOT true about plants that live in a land environment?

A) The developing zygote does not need to be protected from desiccation.

B) They must have an internal structure to oppose the pull of gravity.

C) Reproductive units may be adapted to transport by wind or motile animals.

D) The organism must obtain water.

E) They must be capable of withstanding extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

3. A major evolutionary trend among plants is

A) A reduction in the size of the gametophyte and an increase in the size of the sporophyte.

B) A reduction in the size of the sporophyte and an increase in the size of the gametophyte.

C) An increase in the size of both the sporophyte and the gametophyte.

D) A decrease in the size of both the sporophyte and the gametophyte.

4. Which of the following is a nonvascular plant?

A) Ferns

B) bristlecone pine tree

C) Moss

D) Redwood tree

E) Grass

5. Compared to the moss, the fern is better adapted to life on land because the fern

A) Produces seeds, but the moss does not.

B) Does not have swimming sperm, but the moss does?

C) Does not have a gametophyte generation, but the moss does.

D) has vascular tissue, but the moss does not.

6. Which of the following types of plants will produce a naked seed?

A) Moss

B) Ferns

C) Algae

D) Gymnosperms

E) Angiosperms

7. Which part of a seed provides nourishment for the embryo?

A) ovary

B) Seed coat

C) Egg sac

D) Endosperm

E) Ectosperm

8. Monocots have their floral parts in ______, while dicots have their parts in _______, or multiples of those numbers.

A) Threes -----fours or fives

B) Threes or fours----- fives

C) Fours-----threes or fives

D) Fours or fives----- threes

E) Fives-----threes or fours

9. Botanically, a seed is a structure developed from a (an)

A) Style.

B) Ovule.

C) Stigma.

D) Anther.

E) Sepal.

10. Which statement is NOT true about invertebrate animals?

A) The vast majority of animal species are invertebrates.

B) Many invertebrate species live in a marine environment.

C) Most animal phyla are invertebrates.

D) All major invertebrate groups arose from protestant ancestors.

E) Invertebrates lack a nervous system

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