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Assessment: Final Health Condition Written assignment

This is your main piece of writing assessment for the unit. You are required to develop your Draft Written assignment into a full written assignment. By using the skills you have developed in searching for books, government reports, reports from reputable health organizations and peer-reviewed journal articles, you will require to gather information from a variety of sources. As a minimum, you are needed to find helpful information from two books or government reports and four peer-reviewed journal articles published in the year 2003 or later. You may not use general www sites or web pages (as per instructions from Draft Written assignment). While a reliance on www sites may be easier for you, it does not demonstrate your skill in sourcing information from reputable government reports or academic peer-reviewed sources and will cause you to lose significant marks.
The Final Written assignment will be on your AIHW Health Condition topic.

Your assignment will require discussing:

• Definition and description of the health condition

• Describe the current incidence or prevalence of the health condition in:

- Australia,
- United States of America,
- AND one other country.

• describe inter professional health care team that would usually treat this health condition in the Australian health care system.

• describe the TWO treatments or prevention methods which are used for the health condition, and discuss the specific roles the health professionals take when providing such treatments/ prevention strategies.

You require taking into consideration the following assignment components as such will be awarded marks: your assignment format and structure; information sourcing and usage; paraphrasing and citation; referencing; presentation; and English language usage. This is significant to use a formal and objective writing style. Refer to the Assignment Presentations Guidelines section in the Workbook for information on writing style and how to format the written assignment. Your tutor will be particularly keen to see that you cite reference and paraphrase the information in a manner which avoids plagiarism. You will mostly show your skills in citing paraphrased information however you are as well required to use and correctly cite at least one short quote. You are as well required to comprise one small table, figure or graph within the body of your assignment that should also have its source correctly cited and referred to in the body of your assignment. DO NOT comprise large graphs or tables as appendices.

The paper is to be a maximum of 1500 words.

(Please prepare in academic writing and be awareness regarding plagiarism and reference should be In APA6 style.)

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