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1) prepare down the steps that are involved to fetch a byte in 8085.

2) prepare down interrupts which 8085 consists. prepare down their names.

3) describe the basic concepts in memory interfacing.

4) prepare down the five categories of the 8085 instructions. Provide exs of instructions for each group.

5) prepare down the four instructions which control the interrupt structure of the 8085 microprocessor.

6) describe instruction cycle, machine cycle and T-state in detail.

7) What do you mean by an instruction?

8) describe the use of ALE.

9) How many machine cycles does 8085 have. prepare down their names.

10) Describe the signals HOLD, READY and SID.

11) prepare down the categories of instruction and prepare down two exs for each category.

12) Describe LDA, STA and DAA instructions.

13) Describe the different instruction formats with exs.

14) describe the use of addressing modes, prepare down the various kinds of addressing modes.

15) What is the use of bi-directional buffers?

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