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problem 1:

a) describe in your own words the significance of patient knowing how to prevent from catching infection from others.

b) Discuss common methods of spread of infection.

c) List general signs and symptoms which occurs due to infection

d) Define the following terms:

  • Sepsis
  • Cross Infection
  • Disinfection
  • Barrier care
  • Shock

e) Discuss your role as a home care provider to prevent and control spread of infection while taking care of patient at home/community. Support your answers with suitable exs.                                                                             

problem 2:

a) Draw and  label the diagram of heart. describe the structure and functions of cardio-vascular system.

b) List the conditions/problems observed by you while taking care of a patient with heart problem. Compare the signs and symptoms given in the block.

c) Discuss care of the patient with heart problems which you as a home care provider will give.

problem 3:

a) describe the meaning of well balanced diet, discuss the nutrients with their sources and functions which are included as  part of well balanced diet.

b) Discuss  the deficiency diseases caused by various nutrients and  prepare 2-2 signs/symptoms of each.

c) Discuss your role in educating the general population about steps of healthy living.                                           

problem 4:   

a) describe the meaning of rehabilitation care.

b) Discuss various types of rehabilitation care with the help of exs in different situations dealt by you as part of health team.

c) List the rehabilitation facilities available in your area.

d) describe the role of home care giver and their family members in rehabilitation of patient.

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