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problem 1:

a) Illustrate the meaning of Safe and Wholesome water? describe in brief the steps of purification of water on a big scale.

b) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Sanitary Well.
• Orthotolodine test.
• Chlorine demand.

problem 2:

a) describe the control measures for Malaria.

b) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Swine Flu.
• Terminal Disinfection.
• Pasteurization.

problem 3:

a) What do you mean by cohort study? Outline all the steps in conducting a cohort study.

b) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Relative risk.
• Cluster sampling.
• Ice berg phenomenon of disease.

c) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Spot map.
• Normal distribution.
• Maternal mortality rate.

problem 4:

a) Illustrate the salient features of Revised National Tuberculosis program. describe in brief “DOTS Strategy”.

b) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Lathyrism.
• Aedes aegypti.
• Control of housefly.

problem 5:

a) Illustrate in brief the Assessment of nutritional status.

b) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Food fortification.
• Post natal Care.
• Juvenile delinquency.

problem 6:

a) describe in brief the types of Occupational hazards to which an industrial worker is exposed.

b) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Pulse polio.
• Barriers in communication.
• Tertiary prevention.

c) prepare brief notes on (Any two):

• Prevention of Dengue fever.
• Vitamin A deficiency.
• Levels of health care.

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