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1) What do you mean by skin depth δ?

2) What do you mean by lossy dielectric medium?

3) For a loss dielectric material having μr=1, εr =48, σ=20s/m. Compute the propagation constant at a frequency of 16 GHz

4) What do you mean by Polarization?

5) describe Circular Polarization in detail.

6) describe Elliptical polarization in detail.

7) State Linear Polarization.

8) A plane wave propagating through a medium with εr =8, μr=2 has E=0.5 sin (108t-βz) az v/m. Find out:

(i) β

(ii) The loss tangent

(iii) wane impedance

(iv) wave velocity

(v) magnetic field

9) Deduce a wave equation for non dissipative medium through Maxwell equations and field vectors E and H.

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