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describe Basics of Evolution

1. Transitional forms are seen in the fossil record that link all of these groups EXCEPT

A) birds and reptiles.

B) reptiles and amphibians.

C) fish and amphibians.

D) mammals and reptiles.

E) mammals and birds.

2.Anatomical features that are reduced and functionless in organisms but related to  functional organs in related organisms are termed

A) vestigial.

B) homologous.

C) analogous.

D) polygenic.

E) sympatric.

3.A random alteration in the sequence of DNA nucleotides that provides a new variant allele is

A) disruption.

B) polymorphism.

C) gene frequency.

D) gene mutation.

4. Which of the following conditions contributes to evolution?

A) mutations

B) gene flow

C) genetic drift

D) natural selection

E) all of the above

5. The raw material for evolutionary change is

A) genetic mutation.

B) genetic drift.

C) gene flow.

D) nonrandom reproduction.

E) natural selection.

6. Which of these is the most accurate description of a virus?

A) a noncellular eukaryote

B) one of the smallest bacteria known

C) a member of the kingdom Virusae

D) a cell at the boundary between living and nonliving things

E) replicating  complexes of RNA or DNA protected by protein

7. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or "mad cow disease" is caused by an

A) archeon.

B) bacterium.

C) cyanobacterium.

D) prion.

E) virus.

8. Single celled eukaryotes belong to the kingdom

A) Prokaryotae.

B) Protista.

C) Fungi.

D) Plantae.

E) Animalia.

9. The three shapes of bacteria are

A) haplontic, diplontic, and alternations.

B) anaerobic, aerobic, and facultative.

C) heterotrophic, autotrophic, and chemosynthetic.

D) bacillus, coccus, and spirillum.

10. A new classification by domains separates traditional bacteria into

A) Archaea and Cyanobacteria.

B) Bacteria and Cyanobacteria.

C) photosynthetic bacteria and chemosynthetic bacteria.

D) Archaea and Bacteria.

E) autotrophs and heterotrophs


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