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describe Basics of biology

1  Select the answer that best describes the sequence of the scientific method. 

1) experiment, observation, hypothesis, conclusion   

2) hypothesis, experiment, observation, conclusion 

3) guess, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion 

4) observation, hypothesis, experiment, absolute fact 

5) observation, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion 

2. describe the body temperature in humans is maintained around 37 C and which characteristic of life does this statement represent?

1) Living things respond to stimuli

2) Living things are homeostatic.

3) Living things are adapted.

4) Living things grow and develop.

5) Living things utilize materials and energy from the environment.

3. describe which statement is NOT true concerning reproduction?

1) Hereditary information is passed on to the next generation.

2) The offspring of multicellular organisms tend to be identical to the parent.

3) The offspring of asexual organisms have the same genes as the single parent.

4) The offspring of sexual organisms have one half of the genes from each parent.

5) Hereditary information is in the form of genes.

4. describe what is the correct format for the binomial name of human beings?

1) Homo Sapiens

2) homo Sapiens

3) homo sapiens

4) Homo sapiens

5)  Homo sapiens

5. describe Biologists who classify living things are

1) taxidermists.

2) zoologists

3) nominologists.

4) ecologists.

5) taxonomists.

6. What Tissues are

1) A group of cells that serve a common function. 

2) Compartments with in cells. 

3) Proteins. 

4) Organisms. 

5) Cells. 

7. The three major domains of life are

1) Plants, animals, and protists.

2) bacteria, fungi, and eukaryotes.

3) eukaryotes, prokaryotes, and viruses.

4) eukaryotes, prokaryotes, and fungi.

5) archaea, bacteria, and eukaryotes.

 8 . The subatomic particles that play the greatest role in cellular chemical reactions(bonding) are 

1)   protons.

2)  neutrons.

3)  electrons.

4)  isotopes

5)   prions

9. The atomic weight of an atom is equal to

1) the number of electrons.

2) the number of electrons in the outer shell available for bonds.

3) the number of protons.

4) the number of protons and neutrons.

5) the number of protons and electrons.

10.The difference between 12C and 14C is

1) 2C.

2) 2 protons.

3) 2 electrons.

4) 2 neutrons.

5) 2 ionic bonds

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