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describe Basics of biology

1. describe which of the following statements isn't true of chemical bonds?

1) Both types of chemical bonds involve electrons in the outer shell.

2) Covalent bonds share electrons between two atoms.

3) An atom involved in an ionic bond has an unequal number of electrons and protons.

4) Water (H2O) has covalent bonds.

5) Salts and other important ionic molecules of the body are covalently bonded.

2. describe If neutral atoms become positive ions they

1) gain electrons.

2) lose electrons.

3) gain protons.

4) lose protons.

5) do not change.

3. describe a covalent bond is

1) an ex of a bond that results in ionic compounds.

2) a sharing of electrons between two atoms.

3) the transfer of electrons from one atom to another.

4) an attraction of charged atoms.

5) a sharing of protons between two atoms.

4. describe the lower the pH

1) the lower the hydrogen ion concentration.

2) the higher the pH number.

3) the more acidic the solution.

4) the greater the hydroxyl ion concentration.

5. describe which is NOT a correct association of organic molecules?

1) Starch, glycogen, and cellulose are glucose polymers.

2) When a carbon chain has all the hydrogens it can hold, it is an unsaturated triglyceride.

3) A protein is a polymer of amino acids.

4) ATP is used for energy storage rather than cell structure.

5) DNA is a polymer of nucleotides that contains deoxyribose sugar.

6. describe considering the history of microscopy which of these organelles would have been discovered first?

1) endoplasmic reticulum

2) ribosomes

3) lysosomes 

4) nucleus

5) microtubules.

7. describe which is NOT a correct association of cell organelles and function?

1) lysosome-intracellular digestion

2) cell wall-regulate molecule passage in and out of animal cells

3) ribosome-production of proteins

4) mitochondrion-cell respiration

5) vacuole-storage of chemicals

8. describe which of these is best associated with plant cells?

1) cilia and flagella

2) chloroplasts and centrioles

3) chloroplasts and cell wall

4) cell membrane and small vesicles

5) rounded shape and flexibility

9. describe Ribosomal RNA is produced from the

1) nucleoli.

2) nucleus.

3) ribosomes.

4) rough endoplasmic reticulum.

5) smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

10. describe if a cell lacked ribosomes it would NOT be able to

1) form a spindle apparatus.

2) respire.

3) synthesize proteins.

4) hydrolyze fat.

5) form a Golgi vesicle.

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