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problem 1: How are A, B and PPI radar displays distinct from one other?

problem 2: Compute the maximum unambiguous range of low PRF pulse radar with a prf of 500 Hz.

problem 3: Define the term radar resolution cell.

problem 4: What do you mean by the term dwell time?

problem 5: Define the term multiple time around echoes.

problem 6: Illustrate the function of duplexer in the radar systems.

problem 7: Illustrate the frequencies employed for the radar applications.

problem 8: Radar is expected to encompass a range of 100 Km. Determine the maximum allowable PRF for the unambiguous reception.

problem 9: For a radar peak transmitted power is 1MW; pulse width is 1 sec and PRF is 1 KHz. Compute the average transmitted power.

problem 10: Enlist the factors which find out the detection range of the radar.

problem 11: Enlist various applications of the radar.

problem 12: Enlist the limitations of the PPI displays.

problem 13: Draw the block diagram of the pulse radar system and give the function of each and every block.

problem 14: Derive the radar range equation.

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