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problem 1: Draw the layout of the Rankine cycle.

problem 2: Find out the volume, enthalpy and internal energy of steam:

a) 500 kPa and 0.75 dry
b) 1 Mpa and 425oC?

problem 3: Define the terms:

a) Latent heat of fusion.
b) Latent heat of vaporization

problem 4: Draw the Ts diagram of ideal rankine cycle and describe.

problem 5: Draw the labeled layout of a Rankine cycle with Reheat and regeneration process and describe.

problem 6: In a Rankine cycle, the steam flows to the turbine as saturated steam at a pressure 35 bar and the exhaust pressure is 0.2 bar. Find out (using steam table):

a) Pump work.
b) The turbine work.
c) The condenser heat flow.
d) The dryness fraction at the end of expansion. Take the mass flow of steam is 9.5 kg/s.

problem 7: What are the effects of Reheating in Rankine cycle?

problem 8: Draw the layout of Bleeding (Rankine) Cycle and draw the h-s diagram.

problem 9: What are the benefits of regenerative cycle?

problem 10: Distinguish between the reheat and regenerative cycles.

problem 11: Steam 90 bar. 480oC is supplied to a steam turbine. The steam is reheated to its original temperature by passing it via a reheater at 12 bar. The condenser pressure is 0.07 bar. Steam flow rate is 1 kg/s. Find out:

a) Net work output.
b) Thermal.

problem 12: Steam at 10 MPa and degree of super heat of 90oC is supplied to a Rankine cycle. The condensate pressure is 10 Kpa. For mass rate of flow of 1 kg/s, find out:

a) Power output.
b) Thermal Efficiency.

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