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problem 1:

a) Draw the circuit of a half-wave-rectifier and find the ripple factor, % regulation, efficiency and PIV.

b) Compare the performance of Inductor filter and capacitor filter.

problem 2: With appropriate diagrams, describe the working of centre-tapped full wave rectifier. Derive expressions for VDC, IDC, Vrms and Irms for it

problem 3:

a) Describe the working of Bridge rectifier with required sketches and parameters.

b) Describe the relative advantages and disadvantages of all the rectifiers.

problem 4:

a) Define the given terms of a rectifier and filter:

•    Ripple Factor.
•    Regulation.
•    Rectification Efficiency.
•    Form Factor.

b) What is the ripple factor if a power supply of 220 V, 50 Hz is to be Full Wave rectified and filtered with a 220µF capacitor before delivering to a resistive load of 120Ω? find out the value of capacitor for the ripple factor to be less than 15%.

problem 5:

a) Derive expressions for ripple factor of a Full Wave Rectifier with and without a capacitive filter.

b) find out the average and RMS load currents, TUF of an unfiltered centre tapped Full Wave Rectifier specified below.

Input voltage to transformer = 220 V/50 Hz.
Step down ratio of centre tapped transformer = 4:1(Primary to each section secondary).
Sum of transformer secondary winding in each secondary segment and diode forward resistance = 100Ω.
Load resistance, RL = 220Ω.

problem 6:

a) Define the term Ripple factor and form factor. Establish a relation between them.

b) Describe the need of a bleeder resistor in an L – section filter used with a Full Wave filter.

c) find out ripple factor of an L – section choke input filter used at the output of a Full wave rectifier. Capacitor values of the filter are given as 10 H and 8.2 µF correspondingly

problem 7:

a) List out the advantages and disadvantages of Bridge type Full Wave rectifiers over centre tapped type Full Wave rectifiers.

b) The secondary voltages of a centre tapped transformer are given as 60V-0V-60V the total resistance of secondary coil and forward diode resistance of each section of transformer secondary is 62Ω. find out the following for a load resistance of 1 KΩ.

•    Average load current
•    Percentage load regulation
•    Rectification efficiency
•    Ripple factor for 240 V/50Hz supply to primary of transformer.

c) What is bleeder resistance in L – section filters? 

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