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problem 1:

a) Derive the expression for the frequency of the output of a stable multi-vibrator.

b) Design an averaging amplifier circuit to provide a gain 5 for 4 input signals of same frequency.

problem 2:

a) What do you mean by sample and hold circuit? Why is it required? With a neat circuit diagram, describe the operation of an Op-amp based sample and hold circuit.

b) What do you mean by sampling?

problem 3:

a) Draw the circuit for converting a sinusoidal ware form into a square wave and into a series of pulses, one per cycle and describe.

b) Design a subtractor in non inverting configuration.

problem 4:

a) What is an instrumentation amplifier? What are the fundamental requirements of a good instrumentation amplifier?

b) Design an instrumentation amplifier whose gain can be varied continuously over the range 1 ≤ A ≤ 1000 use 100 k? potentiometer.

problem 5:

a) Draw the circuit and describe the operation of instrumentation amplifier by using Transducer Bridge. Derive the expression for its output voltage.

b) What are the applications of instrumentation amplifier? Describe.

problem 6:

a) Describe how the averaging circuit can be derived from the summer.

b) Design the op-amp circuit that can give the output as V0 = 2 V1 - 3 V2 + 4V3 - 5V4

problem 7:

a) Describe the operation of zero crossing detector by using Op-amps.

b) Design a differentiator by using Op-amp to differentiate an input signal which varies in frequency from 1 KHz to 10 KHz.

problem 8:

a) Describe with a neat circuit diagram the working of voltage to current converter with floating load and grounded.

b) Design a circuit to convert a 4 mA to 20mA input current to 0V to 10V output voltage. The circuit is powered from ±15V regulated supplies. (Suppose essential data) 

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