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problem 1)a) What is full decoding and partial decoding? How it affects the interfacing?

b) Describe all the registers of 8085 in detail.

problem 2)a) Draw and describe the functional block diagram of 8085.

b) Describe how does 8085 manage to use the Address/ Data bus separately.

problem 3)a) What is the role of stack area of the memory? Describe how is it implicitly and explicitly accessed?

b) Draw the timing diagram of LXI H, 2100.

problem 4)a) How does fast 8085 synchronize with slow peripherals? Describe in detail with signals involved.

b) What are the different addressing modes of 8085?

problem 5)a) What are the advantages of using I/O mapped I/O over memory mapped I/O? What are the disadvantages?

b) Give the complete Interfacing details to interface 4 × 4 key matrix and 2–Digit seven segment display using 8255.

problem 6)a) Describe mode 1, mode 2 and BSR mode operations of 8255 PPI.

b) Draw and describe block diagram of 8255 PPI.

problem 7)a) Give details of interrupt structure of 8085. What is ISR?

b) Draw and describe the block diagram of 8253.

problem 8)a) Give the details of 8259 PIC.

b) Describe mode 2 and mode 3 operations of 8253.

problem 9)a) Draw and describe the DMA operation with respect to 8085.

b) What is the functionality of SOD and SID in 8085? describe RS 232C interface.

problem 10)a) Describe 8251 USART in detail.

b) Compare and describe synchronous and Asynchronous serial I/O.

problem 11)a) Draw the programmers model of 8086. describe in detail.

b) Describe maximum mode operation of 8086 in detail.

problem 12)a) prepare an 8086 assembly language program to convert two digit Hexadecimal number into equivalent Binary coded decimal.

b) Describe different components of DOS.

c) List and describe any four DOS calls.

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