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problem 1)(i) prepare down the merits and demerits of nuclear power plant.

(ii) State self and mutually induced emfs?

(iii) Draw and describe phasor diagram for the R-L series circuit.

(iv) Describe hysteresis loss.

(v) What do you mean by constant current source and sketch characteristics of an ideal current source.

(vi) A resistor of 100W is connected in series with a 56mF capacitor to a supply at 230 V, 50 Hz. Determine the impedance, the current, the phase angle, the pf and the voltage across the resistor and the capacitor.

(vii) What do you understand by form factor and peak factor ?

problem 2) Determine the impedance, current and the power factor of the following series circuits and sketch the corresponding phasor diagram.

(i) R and L

(ii) R and C

In each case the applied voltage is 200 volt, the frequency is 50 Hz, R = 10 ohm, L = 50 mH; C =100? F.

problem 3)(a) What are the different precautions to be observed for obtaining longer life and batter efficiency of lead acid battery?

(b) State flux, mmf, reluctance and permeability in magnetic circuits.

problem 4) Compare electric and magnetic circuits. What do you understand by power factor ? What is its significance?

problem 5) Describe hydro power plant with the help of schematic diagram.

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