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problem 1: describe the molecular basis of the skeletal muscle contraction.

problem 2: Draw a well labeled diagram of action potential in large myelinated nerve fiber. Describe the ionic basis of each and every phase of action potential.

problem 3: describe the method of formation of concentrated urine.

problem 4: Define and categorize immunity. describe the method of cell mediated immunity.

problem 5: prepare notes on:

a) Functions of proximal convoluted tubule.
b) Primary active transport.

problem 6: prepare notes on:

a) Myasthenia gravis.
b) Structure and functions of cell membrane.

problem 7: Define the term blood pressure. Enlist various mechanisms regulating blood pressure.

Illustrate the role of baro-receptors in the regulation of blood pressure.

problem 8: What are respiratory centers? Describe the role of different respiratory centers in regulations of respiration.

problem 9: describe the method of transport of O2 in blood. Add a note on Bohr’s effect.

problem 10: Define the term cardiac cycle. describe the ventricular volume and pressure changes throughout cardiac cycle.

problem 11: prepare notes on:

a) Lung compliance.
b) Venous return.

problem 12: prepare notes on:

a) Pacemaker potential.
b) Starling forces in tissue fluid formation.

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